Black Hawk Down

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The Story:

The movie Black Hawk Down is based on a true story, adapted from the book Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden.

October 3, 1993: At the zenith of the US involvement in Somalia, a team of Rangers and Delta Force plan a raid on a meeting of Somali warlords. The plan calls for 4 Black Hawk helicopters to drop 4 teams of troops around the building where the meeting was taking place, who would then raid the building and arrest selected targets. Then, a back-up ground force would move in to take the prisoners away.

Once the Rangers and Delta Force drop from the Black Hawks into Mogadishu, the raid goes terribly wrong. The forces come under an unanticipated barrage of gunfire from all sides. As more troops are dropped into the streets, the gunfire intensifies. Members of the militia attempt to prevent the raid, and citizens of Mogadishu, sick of US interference in their country, face off against the US.

With the ground forces pinned in their positions, the Black Hawks hover overhead, trying to provide shielding fire and to disperse the crowds of civilians in the streets. When 2 Black Hawks are shot down in the first half an hour of the raid, one of the largest recent US military rescue missions times takes place.

The ground force is sent in to rescue the crews of the downed helicopters, but they soon they find themselves under heavy gunfire and suffer casualties. Now, over 100 soldiers must spend a night fighting for their lives. When the fighting ends the next morning, 18 US soldiers are dead and over 70 have been injured, while over 1000 Somalis are injured and 500 have been killed.

Orlando's Role:

Orlando will play Private First Class Todd Blackburn in Black Hawk Down, an 18 year old Ranger (the youngest in his squad). Seconds after the attack begins, Blackburn fell out of the helicopter, and sustained very serious injuries.

Release Dates:
USA (limited) - 25 December 2001
USA (New York & Los Angeles) - 28 December 2001
USA - 18 January 2002
Belgium - 3 April 2002
France - 3 April 2002
Czech Republic - 4 April 2002
Germany - 4 April 2002
Argentina - 11 April 2002
Netherlands - 11 April 2002
Iceland - 12 April 2002
Sweden - 12 April 2002
UK - 18 January 2002

Fliming Locations:

Tagline: "Leave no man Behind"

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