The Adventures of:
Denial Girl !!!!!!!

Wherever there is a need of a void of reality, whenever someone is in danger of becoming
depressed at something that *should not be so*, whenever a fan cries out in the realization
that their favourite star is *dating someone else*, Amy transforms into

In her secret lair (her house) Denial Girl, aka DG, along with her super power team,
Orli's Angels, fight her arch nemesis Skinny Model Inc., which tries to take over the world
in increasingly devious ways! Experience the excitement as Denial Girl uses her psycho
abilities to convince herself and those around her that the world is a perfect place!
Denial Girl will be there to
Right Wrongs, and Triumph over Reality!!!!!

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July 2001
(Episodes 1-3)

August 2001
(Episode 4-5)

Stay tuned for more of the Adventures of Denial Girl!

Orli's Angels