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Lullaby of Clubland

The Story:

Carl (Ian Rose) is a gay runaway from Manchester who finds a new life in London, where he discovers the Asian Underground music and hot club nights. He meets Sadie (either Marl Taggart or Marla Welsh, IMDB lists them both) and Jean (André Schneider) (who supports himself as a drug dealer), and is quite puzzled by their sexually open relationship and huge fights; and he falls in love with Matthew (Dean Ure), a hustler from Piccadilly Square. One night out, they two couples do a cocktail of ecstasy and acid that goes terribly wrong...

Orlando's Role:

Orlando plays a character named Finney.

Tagline:  "Welcome to the Asian Underground! Hot! Steamy! Lethal"

Release Dates:

Filming Locations: Director: Mikey Myers

Writer: Zaha Radid

All info thanks to Internet Move Database