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USA Today -
Orlando Bloom - Legolas the elf, an archer and member of the fellowship

Behind the elf: Bloom, 24, a British newcomer who was briefly seen in 1997's Wilde. Upcoming projects include the war movie Black Hawk Down (Dec. 28).

Describe Legolas.
"Elves have angelic spirits, deepest sorrow, greatest joy. I'm the eyes and ears of the fellowship and switched on all the time because elves don't sleep."

We think of elves as wee folk who help Santa. A bad rap?
"The elves in Tolkien are red-blooded beings that have spirit and life and courage and compassion. They are truly magical and as far from the fairies and pixies you might imagine as they can get."

When did you first read the books?
"At 14, I read it all the way through. No, I read The Hobbit all the way through. I read half and got interested in sport and girls. But I picked it up again and read it for the film."

Favorite Rings character:
"They all have amazing qualities."

Article from USA Today