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Orlando Bloom -
NW Magazine

Despite being catapulted to pin-up status thanks to his role as Legolas in The Fellowship of the Ring, Orlando Bloom says he's yet to be affected by his rise in popularity. The British hunk has been holidaying in Asia since the release of the blockbuster and says he has been shocked to witness the full scale of the hype upon his return. "My agent says she's been wading through bags of stuff in my absence," laughs Orlando. "The enormity of is only just hitting me, I've spent the last few weeks in India, so, to be honest, I'm only now realising the craziness. I went to get away for Christmas and the New Year. In fact, a couple of the Hobbits came with us, and we relaxed. We just had a laugh." And what about his new heart-throb crown? "I find it amazing that people get so excited," he says.

Article from NW Magazine. Thanks to Orlando Bloom Online