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Holidaying Bloom Misses Lord Of The Rings Success

Lord Of The Rings star Orlando Bloom has missed the massive success of the fantasy film - by relaxing in India. The British star hung out in Asia with pals over Christmas and the New Year and has yet to discover the full scale of the hype surrounding the movie. During his holiday, the film's release has seen him become one of the most lusted over stars in the world, with websites devoted to him springing up all over the internet. Bloom, 25, says, "My agent says she's wading through bags of fan mail in my absence. We're trying to send pictures and other stuff about me to as many people as possible. The enormity of it is only just hitting me. I've spent the last few weeks in India, so to be honest, I'm only now realizing the craziness. After all they hype, I went to hang out for Christmas and New Year. In fact, a couple of the Hobbits came with us, and we relaxed. We just had a laugh." Canterbury-born Orlando also stars in military drama Black Hawk Down and the combination of both movies has boosted his heart-throb status - much to his surprise. He says, "I find it amazing that people get so excited. I have no idea how my life is going to change though."

Article from Internet Movie Database