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Deed Poll -
Interview With Orlando Bloom & Andre Schneider

It's their second film together, and it's a weird one: Jeremy Podeswa's homoerotic "Deed Poll", a short thriller which contains a lot of both, drug abuse and nudity. Orlando sleeps with his sister, Andre loses his skin.

After performing his one-man-show, "Giving Till It Hurts", in London's Comedy Store, Andre decided to meet me backstage and brought his mate Bloom, who came from L.A. to see the show. "Please make it short, I'm tired and down on my lock", Andre said, so I just asked them a handfull of short questions about "Deed Poll".

David: "Well, first of all: Why did you do this film?"
Orlando: "Coming out of 'Lord of the Rings', I thought it was time to experience something different, and Jeremy's script WAS different -- it was the craziest thing I've ever read."
Andre: "I longed to work with Jeremy ever since I've seen 'Eclipse'. First, I auditioned for the Sean part, but Jeremy meant I would better fit in the Nathaniel part, but after all -- it was great fun, I enjoyed myself."
Orlando: "Oh yeah, it was!"
David: "Do you like gory films?"
Andre: "Nope! And I won't see this one for sure, but it was really great doing it."
Orlando: "No, not really. But I didn't find 'Deed Poll' that gory. It's an artsy little shocker, and both our directors did a great job."
David: "How about the homosexual aspects of the story?"
Andre: "The characters were all very well developed. It's a story about the freedom of spirit and the freedom of sexuality. There was a lot of grey in between black and white -- so the homosexual aspects were more bisexual, which I found really cool."
Orlando: "'Wilde' was a gay movie, my part was gay, I have a lot of gay mates, and Atti is a good kisser. That's all I have to say about this."
David: "Do you both surf the net?"
Orlando: "No. My mother wants me to get an Official Web Site started, but... No, I don't surf the net. I think it's dangerous. It was invented to bring people closer together, but instead, it makes them lonelier. They lack the ability to communicate after a while, I think."
Andre: "No, I don't surf the net. I don't need all that kind of information coming into my head -- too much for me. I'd rather write a little postcard and send it to you, I really would."
Orlando: "And we can't get the kids out of the bedrooms anymore..."
Andre: "No, we really can't! 'Honey, you wanna come with me and mommy for a little dinner?' -- 'No, it's okay, Dad, I just go on the Internet. I've made a new friend. She's pretty and she likes me, too.'"
Orlando: "I don't even watch TV."
Andre: "Really? You never told me!"
David: "Will there be another Bloom/Schneider film? I've heard rumors about another gay love story."
Orlando: "You mean this 'Chequered Past' rumor?"
Andre: "It's annoying!"
Orlando: "No, someone must have put up this information somewhere. We didn't work on this film."
Andre: "And there is nothing coming up so far."
David: "Would you like to work together again?"
Orlando: "Yeah."
Andre: "Yeah, why not?"
David: "Thank you."

Article thanks to Orlando Bloom Multimedia