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Orlando Bloom -
Bravo Magazine

As longhaired Legolas with bow and arrow Orlando Bloom conquered the hearts of the movie goers.

In this BRAVO-interview the shooting star tells: "I escaped death!"

BRAVO: How did you feel when you got offered the role of Legolas in this huge production? (it said something about a mad production and though it sounded great in german in english it just doesnt have the same ring to it....)

Orli: it was like winning the Lottery. I had to pinch myself. Only after we shot the first scenes, I realized that it wasn't a dream!

BRAVO: It was your first big role - did you feel insecure?

Orli : Yes, I was the newcomer on the set. The others had all shot many films. I came from theatre, I had no idea how everything worked in a production like this. In the first days, I trained to work with a bow and and sword.

BRAVO: What was hardest to learn?

Orli: Shooting the bow. At furst just stringing it wore me out, but it got better every day. In the end I got so good, I could shoot paperplates out of the air.

BRAVO: Did you get hurt during filming?

Orli : Yes, I broke a rib

BRAVO: How did that happen?

Orli : I had to shoot an arrow while riding a horse, and I fell off. But I grinded my teeth and continued shooting, the doctor said I could. But actually I am just one unlucky guy (and he used such the cutest word! Ungluckswurm. But I have NO idea what that is in english. )


Orli : I;ve broken my nose, my leg and my arm, and a toe once. I used to be this really wild type that tried everything out. Once I fell out of a window, and I almost died. I'm a lot calmer now.

BRAVO: Do you have something in common with Legolas?

Orli : Legolas is the son of the elvenking Thranduil. He's a creature, that always believes in the good. Im a lot more realistic

BRAVO: You also play in the two sequals. Can you tell us anything?

Orli : In part two I hunt orcs together with Gimli and Aragorn. In part 3 the Hobbits turn back, and find that Saruman has taken over power in their land (and I did a VERY crappy translation on that one)

BRAVO: Can you remember the first movie that impressed you?

Orli : Superman. My favourite movie is Stand By Me, that got me into acting.

BRAVO: Did you have any jobs before this?

Orli : when I was 13 I worked in a shooting-gallery during the summer.

BRAVO: Do you remember the first single you bought?

Orli : Michael Jackson's Thriller

BRAVO: And your first car?

Orli : a darkgreen VW Golf. Costed me 250 Euro.

BRAVO: What role do you play in the upcoming film Black Hawk Down?

Orli : I play 18-year old private Blackburn, who gets send off to Somalia with a US elite unit (Dutch says "Huh?"). I fall from a helicopter when it gets shot down. No fear : I live, But my part is over then.

BRAVO: How did you and Josh Hartnett get along (what a strange question....)

Orli : Great. We became good friends, and we're planning to do a movie together in 2003

Article from Bravo Magazine. Thanks to Orlando Bloom Multimedia