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Your Next Crush:
Orlando Bloom

Age: 24. Orlando's (or "Orli" to his buddies) birthday is January 13, so that makes him a loyal Capricorn.

Height: 5'11"

How You Know Him: The British cutie stars as the elf warrior Legolas in the highly anticipated flick, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (opening Dec. 19).

Status: Single! (Although he was once engaged to model Jemma Kidd. Her loss.)

A Canterbury Tale: Despite landing stage roles and a star-making part in the film Wilde as a teen, the Canterbury native ignored Hollywood's call and enrolled in England's Guildhall School of Music and Drama for three years to earn his degree. Cute and smart!

Fight Club: OK, so the lanky actor isn't exactly The Rock, but don't be fooled. To prepare for Rings, Ori spent two months mastering archery and sword fighting. En Garde!

How Do You Say, "Hottie"?: In addition to learning his way around a bow and arrow, Orlando also had to learn Elvish, the secret super-complicated language of the film's magical elves created especially for the film. At least he had a study buddy -- his co-star Liv Tyler also had master the gibberish.

In His CD Player: Radiohead.

Method Actor?: Ouch! After wrapping up his 18 month shoot for the Rings trilogy (all three movies were filmed at once), Ori tattooed the Elvish word for nine (the number of people in the Fellowship, get it?) on his right wrist.

Celeb Lookalike: Is it just us, or does Orlando kinda look like Spike on Buffy?

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