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 Orli's Angels -
Episode #3, September 2001

Episode 3 - Ignoring rumours is fun!
Sept. 16, 2001:  You gotta hand it to Skinny Model Inc. - they are persistent even if they are evil.
Now a rumour has surfaced that Orlando and Jemma Kidd are engaged (see the past
Adventures of Denial Girl for the first incident of this).  But stop screaming into your
computer screens, dear readers! The whole super power team has adopted an attitude of
denial (now, I wonder where they got that from?), and I encourage you to do the same!
Read the Orli's Angels reactions below.....

Okay hi all! Merc here and as a new founder I thought i should post this sense it is an Orlando club and such but i don't want people freakin' out b/c it is a RUMOR! Spell it with me now R-U-M-O-R! Any-hoo the rumor is that Orli and Jemma Kidd are supposedly engaged. yeah this is a scary rumor, but none the less is a rumor, I know nothing more of it so don't ask me a million questions (those are alllll for Eowyn ^_^) Hopefully the board will come alive now..


This is Denial Girl typing:

NOOOO! Are my super powers fading?! How can this be?!

Denial Girl crawls into bed, pulls the covers over her head, and screams "Skinny Model INC! You have gone too far! Will this prove to be my Kriptonite? Holy hallucinations Orli's Angels, I need assistance!"


hmm that's so funny I nearly fell of the chair laughing, hmm it is interesting where some of these rumours come from, i really would like to know where you heard that it's hysterical!

and in my role as obsession babe I hearby come to the rescue of my fellow Angels esp denial girl who seems to have lost the ability to deny things hmm odd that!

hmm all the questions should be directed to me should they merc good to know I'm useful for something

anyhow I personally find these rumours stupid!intresting how it can go from him dating her to her being engaged to someone else to them not dating (including orli saying in glamour he's not dating anyone) to them being engaged all I have to say to that is >,< and what a load of gsfhdfkjfdhj ( I can't think of a word bad enough to go there)

eowyn (the I'm not believing any of this lady of rohan)


Don't worry Denial Girl! Artemis Action Woman is here for you, as well as the other Angels!

-Artemis Action Woman


Yeah that's what i thought Eowyn! I thought it was humorous too! That's why I posted it. Don't worry, we're all in denial cause it is denial (I hope that makes sense) ^__^



can you be in denial of something that isn't true in the first place???? surely denial is if you deny something that is true and saying it isn't! but surely bearing in mind this isn't true surely you can't deny it? or am I being mad again?



Um, I think you can be in denial about something that is untrue, coz that is how DG started - she was in Denial about the first Jemma/Orli rumours.

I'm so tired, so much homework, I can't go in Denial for a bit until I actually get to sleep in. Don't worry, I'll be in full denial mode tomorrow!


ok ok ok so what have we got here some people believing the rumours others quashing them!

well here's my view the rumours appeared on IMDB which for those of you who don't know compiles it's information from people submitting it (I myself have submitted a number of things to the site i.e. heights filmography news and reviews etc.) however they very rarely check their info to see if it is accurate!

so if some information is submitted they tend to jump the gun and post it on there!

personally with a rumour of this magnitude i would not believe it until it is confirmed and due to this fact I would say this to you!

do that fear, do not panic do not spread the rumor if you do mention it to people to state that it is only a rumour!

I personally think that if orlando was to get engaged we would be told and I sincerely doubt that he would get engaged that quickly (remember the glamour interview where he said he has no girlfriend)

He spends very little time at home so IF he is dating her he is unlikely to spend too much time with her so as for an engagement he would be moving very fast esp as he is unlikely to see her very often!

I only post this to clear things up it is a rumour do not believe anything without confirmation!

However in the event that it is true I am sure after you all finish sulking (and crying and denying it) you would be very happy for him but as I said I personally doubt it's true!


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