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 Orli's Angels -
Episodes # 1 - 2, August 2001

Episode 1 - Hey hey we're the Angels!
On Aug. 20, 2001 (or around there abouts), Orlando Bloom's Oasis Yahoo Club
witnessed and event of epic proportions: the creation of DG's 2 new sidekicks,
Obsession Babe (aka Eowyn) and Lady B.S. (aka Merc)!  A few days later on
Aug. 30, 2001 we formed Orli's Angels with Artemis Action Woman!
Get to know Obsession Babe, Lady B.S. and Artemis Action Woman below!

*        *        *

Obsession Babe (and no, it isn't a coincidence that she has the same initials as Orli)
has the super power to freakily focus her energy on one entity, and to educate those
around her about her fixation (case in point, Orlando Bloom's Oasis), providing the
List Buddies and Orli's Angels with priceless Orli info!
Here is Obsession Babe's introduction in her own words:

OOH I'm a sidekick! well I would like to thank the people who put where I am (that's DG and Orli??). in my new role I swear to be a good girl and never do anything wrong and do what ever I'm told (yeah right!!!) What I do swear to is to fight the demon pixies in the ongoing battle!!! They shall not get me away from Orli, lij, Dom, billy, heath, ben, josh, etc.!!!!

 My obsessions are my own but with me Lady B.S. and DG we shall defeat the demon pixies!!!


*        *        *

Lady B.S. has the ability of B.S. to confuse her enemies, protect the secret identities of the
Orli's Angels, and keep us all on our toes by pointing new opportunities of evil and danger!
Here is Lady B.S.'s introduction in her own words:

I would like to thank the academy... no wait a minute! I am so honoured to be a sidekick to Denial Girl (wave tear ^__^) I, Lady B.S. (wow i have so many alter egos now... the voices in my head won't stop!) shall swear herself and all of my powers of B.S. towards the efforts of the elimination of Models, pixies, and Martha Stewert! I shall also protect the life of Orlando Bloom from all those he may make him stray from his happy home in my closet (heh heh heh heh, long story behind that one). May the powers of.....ummmmmmm..... the 3 girl Yahoo Club Women for ever be cool! YEAH! That sounds good.

Hee heee hee Yippy Skippy!

Merc / Lady B.S.

*        *        *

Every super power team needs a ring leader, a boss, a head honcho, and
Artemis Action Woman gladly stepped into the role! She's basically our Bosley,
sending us on missions and tries to stop us drooling too much over Orli. Good luck Artemis!
Here is Artemis Action Woman's introduction in her own words:

Ohhh can I be like that guy who like helps the angels out????   Neetywinkers!!!:)
We must protect our darling Orli from the evils of the world!!! This is our mission! We must prepare for December when everyone will take notice and will want to bestow horrors on our one and only Orli! *tear in eye* I Artemis Action Woman, hereby swear to devote my life and soul at protecting this
dashing young man and crush all evil doers that get in the way! Yes!

~Artemis Action Girl  ^_^

And now you know the Angels!

 Episode 2 - Clones, Robots, and Pixies, Oh my!
Over the course of a few days (starting on Aug. 19, 2001), Merc, who would soon become known
as Lady B.S., started a most interesting discussion on Orlando Bloom's Oasis Yahoo Club.
(Note: this is the post that piqued DG's interest in having sidekicks, but was
pre-Orli's Angels so that's why there is no Artemis) Let us read:

Merc's bit:

Date: Sun, 19 Aug. 2001
Subject: Strange Ramblings [Yahoo! Clubs: Orlando Bloom's Oasis]

Okay hello all! Merc here! I being in a chipper mood, from taking a 2 mile walk and which after I sat to watch Labyrinth( "Dance magic daannnnccee") have come to a conclusion. Is Orlando Bloom real? Yes this may sound odd but is he really? Or rather is Jude Law real? Are any of the hot men in the entertainment business truly live beings or are they clones or robots? Strange to think of really. I come from a place where men have yet to flourish but exist as annoying, pouting, boys who grunt and snort (Mogeloids as we call them) Yet we have these strange idles, these Gods on earth of which sane (or
insane I suppose) woman come to worship. Yet, we hardly ever catch glimpses of them, BUT we spy clones of them! I have also spotted an Orli look alike, but as soon as I pointed him out (with much glee) he vanished... Why? Where do they go? How do they hide? I have come to an idea that real men don't exist, that they are illusions brought on by a strange cult.

Jude, for example, is really a computer generated image in all his movies and they then make robots for public appearance. Why, to gain the attention and power over young and single woman. Now to who is doing this I'm not sure. Denial girl suspects the models, I personally think it's the Martha Stewert regime. The answer is un-known....


Note: I am the queen of weird B.S. Also giant pixie sticks are your friends.... Mixed with Dr. Pepper  the all holy nectar of life) strange things just kind of pop out.

Amy's bit:

LOL Merc! Denial Girl will be pleased to know that you have been listening to her teachings. :)

Well, I did see this incredibly hot guy on the bus once and he smiled at me, causing me and my best friend to freak out when we got to our stop... And Eowyn saw the Orli look alike. Were these just robots or clones? I don't know....

p.s. I think it's time for DG to get an official side kick. I am impressed by your thoughts Merc... we should discuss.... :)

Eowyn's bit:

Personally I don't think it's robots, I think it's the evil pixies. I've said this many a time, I think they are trying to take over the
world.  What they do is make these gorgeous guys famous to keep us distracted then they steal the opportunities from before us. I think they were controlling my friend when she stopped me pulling the Orli look alike. I think it's like a whole big demon pixie thing!

They are trying to steal our men whilst we aren't looking! What we have to do to stop this is permanently is: look at them. Never take your eyes of them (which funnily enough is exactly what I did to the Orli look alike the other day. I think I didn't take my eyes of him at all until the concert started and even then I was still turning to check if he was still there)

I also think it was the demon pixies that make me type so badly in the evening!


Has this topic opened our eyes to a new plot being hatched by SM Inc.?
I see LBS's and OB's powers are already coming in handy!  Orli's Angels are on the case!

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