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The Adventures of Denial Girl -
Episodes # 1 - 3, July 2001

Episode 1 - The Phantom Girlfriend. Also, THE BIRTH OF DENIAL GIRL!
Re: the rumour that Orlando is dating model Jemma Kidd. On July 27, 2001, a message
from Denial Girl is sent to the Orlando Bloom's Oasis Yahoo Club, and Denial Girl is born!

I don't know who Jemma Kidd is, but I just saw a pic of her, so now it is time for:


In her secret lair (also know as her house) Amy turns into her alter ego, DENIAL GIRL to use her psycho abilities to create her perfect world!

In this episode: Orli is *NOT* dating Jemma Kidd.
Denial Girl uses her powers to convince herself and all those around her that Orli is free and available, ready any time to sweep us off our feet! And Jemma Kidd is robot, created by Denial Girl's arch nemesis SKINNY MODEL INC., which tries to take over the world by convincing women to starve themselves to death, leaving the men free to be warped by their robots. Denial Girl calls her SUPER POWER TEAM, the LIST BUDDIES to also use their powers to bring Orli to his senses and uncover the robot plot! Will Orli be duped by Jemma Kidd? In Denial Girl's perfect world -- NO! All will be well! Orli is single! YES! It can be true if YOU believe it!

Stay tuned to see how DENIAL GIRL will use her powers in the future! :)

The sequel: Thanks to Malia from the Orlando Bloom Yahoo Club (no, they're not the same, thank you), and Marie from who told me the news on the Orlando Bloom Yahoo Group Mailing List (is this getting too confusing?), the actual article from Gala Magazine, where this rumour started, actually says "Jemma Kidd works as a model as her sister does - but with not much success so far. Her friend, TV-series-actor Orlando Bloom is waiting for his breakthrough too."  Make of that what you will, you know what I'm thinking....


Episode 2 - Monsignor Denial (wait, does that mean I'm a guy????)
On July 27, 2001, Denial Girl swung into action to help a fellow LIST BUDDY
(Eowyn from The Fellowship of Lord of the Rings) get through a viewing of
Monsignor Renard starring Dominic Monaghan.  Experience the action as it unfolds
during a chat between Denial Girl's alter-ego Amy and Eowyn! (with a cameo by DG!)
(WARNING -- contains Monsignor Renard spoilers!)

eowyn:  i'm watching monsignor renard again i think i met get a bit soppy again soon!
amy: i've never seen it, but i guess u like from what you said about it
amy: what's it about?
eowyn: i'll cry my eyes out though the ending is gutting my poor little dom!
eowyn: it's set in world war 2 in german occupied France and my poor dom
amy: awww, i take it he doesn't come to a good end...
eowyn: no
eowyn: oh s***!
amy: what happened?
eowyn: it's gettingto the sad bit he's just got in a fight in a mo he will be punished and then i'll sulk!
amy: nooooo
eowyn: yes!
eowyn:  my poor baby dom!
amy: they should really have more sad faces on here, 2 just aren't enough!
eowyn: i know what you mean!
eowyn:  my poor dom!
amy:   i'm getting all upset and i haven't even seen it!
eowyn: he hasn't done anything yet he's just on trial!
eowyn: my baby dom!
eowyn: he's just been given the death penalty!
amy: awww! poor dom!
eowyn: !he looks so sweet when he cries!
amy: he's crying!? must go ... comfort him! **taxi! to the airport!**
eowyn: he's not crying yet he will in a mo!
eowyn: denial girl shall prob be required in a mo!
amy: okay
eowyn: my baby is crying!
eowyn: poor dom!
eowyn: no his hair!
amy: denial girl says: dom will not die! the LIST BUDDIES will rescue him! and his hair is perfectly fine! it's an optical illusion by the skinny model inc., who were behind the whole thing!
eowyn: he's about to get shot give me a minute
eowyn: !
Yahoo! Messenger:  eowyn's status is now "me is crying again poor dominic!"
amy: denial girl says: this is just a massive cover up by skinny model inc!  they don't want to give us the hope of dom so the women of earth will starve themselves. but we will not give in! dom is
alive, even the evil skinny model inc don't have the guts to kill such a babe!
eowyn: no but the germans did!!!!!
amy: the germans are a front of SM inc. denial girl will get them, don't worry, and rescue dom!
eowyn: i love dom!
amy: me 2!!!!

Episode 3 - Petty Rumours, Petty Hetty
Re: the continuing rumours of an Orli/Jemma Kidd relationship (now partially resolved, see
above), and PBS ceasing to air Hetty Wainthropp Investigates with Dominic Monaghan.
Those foul beasts at Skinny Model Inc. will try anything to depress the spirits of Denial Girl,
but she will not be crushed!  July 29, 2001, Denial Girl sends a message to
Orlando Bloom's Oasis expressing her feelings about the latest goings-on!

Never fear! Denial Girl is here!

All these rumours are making DG's head spin! DG removes herself from the Internet and finds a quiet spot in her secret lair. There she convinces herself she is right -- Orli is single! repeat that to yourselves List Buddies, and all will be well!

But that is not all DG has on her plate! It seems that Skinny Model Inc. now has PBS under its control! Those wicked tyrants have taken Hetty Wainthropp off the air!  How will DG get her Dom fix???? Only time will tell, but until then, in the deep recesses of her mind, DG will replay the eps she has seen and convince herself that YES! It will be back on Thursday!

Now that another day filled with denial has come to a close, DG will retire with The Return of the King....

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