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The Adventures of Denial Girl -
Episodes # 4 - 5, August 2001

Episode 4 - A Match Made in Hell? or Heaven?
Amy and Denial Girl's musing about a most tragic future forecast from Aug. 17, 2001.

According to the Love-O-Meter, Orlando and I do NOT make a good couple! It rated us as Frosty - the lowest of the low! Here's exactly what it said about us:

"Who knows what initially attracted you to each other? You have absolutely nothing in common except for mutual disdain. Communication is a very important part of a successful relationship. You might try talking nice to each other for a change, and see if maybe you can't make a habit of it. Come back when you have a REAL relationship for Love-O-Meter! "

Well for one thing i can tell you *exactly* what attracted me to Orli **raises eyebrows suggestively**, thank you very much! But what began as a tragedy for Amy, quickly turned into a job for -- DENIAL GIRL!

DG sits in her computer chair wondering about the Internet. It's very easy for *anyone* to set up a site, giving advice (case in point - DG!). Now what would stop Skinny Model Inc. from getting in on this little development to continue their plans of wrecking havoc?! What's stopping them, from, say, hacking into the Love-O-Meter and causing it to spit out an incorrect analysis of a relationship,
so that a female will get depressed, thinking her relationship is doomed, causing her to believe that the only way to get a man is if she was stick-thin, causing her to starve herself, causing SM Inc.'s
plan to work, causing a catastrophic chain of events!!!!

NO females! Don't believe such nonsense! A totally random analysis comes out, and is nothing to base the outcome of a relationship on! Try the test again, and you will see that it is false!

Heartened by Denial Girl's advice, Amy returns to the Love-O-Meter. She enters the names.... presses the button... and... and...

YES! The rating is RED HOT! Hahahaha.... DG has come through again! Reality is thwarted, all is well.....

Episode 5 - Role Reversal
During a chat with Eowyn on Aug. 27, 2001, Amy expressed her lament about having
to go back to school. Eowyn promptly took over the role of Denial Girl (even though she is
Obsession Babe) and brought Amy new hope! Read on!

amy: it's my last week of hols!
eowyn: ahh bless ya!
amy: then... ack.. back to school!
eowyn: ahhh poor dg!
amy: one more thing to be in denial about...
eowyn: heh heh you shall not go back to school, there is no school. There will be a public announcement tomorrow that all school's have been put off!
eowyn: they have decided that they should swap the release date of LOTR and the day you are due back in school. it's like a new law!
amy: yeah! sept. 4th it is!
eowyn: lol!
amy: and we don't get our schedules till the 1st day of school, so me and my friends don't even know if we should save seats in classes!
eowyn: just repeat after me school will be great. there will be a new Orli lookalike starting in your class and it will pass the time until December.
amy: can the Orli lookalike have an aussie accent?
eowyn: yes if you so wish he can look like Orli but talk like heath!
amy: ahhhh, I think I'd die on the spot!
eowyn: heh heh!

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